Monday, March 8, 2010

Black Star Mobile Phone Strap

This is my elegant black magic star!! ^_^

It was very lucky that I found this very detailed and step-by-step tutorial. Although it’s in Korean, you can easily understand and feel free to pause when you couldn’t catch up.

I didn’t use Swarovski crystal beads as it’s only a mobile phone strap and the differences between the general unbranded black crystal beads and Swarovski beards are not too much. So save your money.

I used 6mm beads and the finished work turns out quite big, around 50mm X 35mm (excluding the string). But it looks just nice as a phone strap.

There were some small issues. I used 0.25mm string for beading. It was very nice that it could easily go through the holes however it couldn’t hold the entire design firmly. I had to route one more time to tighten the work.

The step-by-step flash for this project:

Another similar flash for making a snowflake.

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