Sunday, March 21, 2010

Flash Tutorial - Bowknot

Nice Korean beading flash!! Thanks to whoever made them!!
  • Bowknot

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Irr├ęsistibles bagues de perles vol 2 - Part1

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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Flash Tutorial - Rings

Nice Korean beading flash!! Thanks to whoever made them!!
  • Ring1

  • Ring2

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Copper Sprial Earrings

I found an nice Thai tutorial, giving quite different style from what I've done so far. They look not bad.

If you would like to try it, follow this tutorial.

Click to get an bigger picture to view all the details. ^_^

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Waterdrop Style Earrings

This design is very simple and can be easily done within a few minutes. The key point is that you should have the beads in the right shape.

The two white beads are 3mm Swarovski AB crystal beads. They are really my favorite as they are cheap and the Aurora Boreale (AB) coating creates a prism light effect in any viewing angle.

The water drop shape beads at the bottom were bought online in China, which only 10 cents each if converted to Singapore money and they are sparking and clear. I really wish I could find such cheap and nice beads in Singapore.

Online Beading Design Tool

I found an online designing tool for beading, Chinese version. I wonder whether there is an English version available. You can use it to arrange the beads and create patterns. But I still feel that there is nothing better than touching the beads and arranging them physically.

Link to the online beading design tool:

Baby's-Breath Style Earrings

I named this design as Baby's-breath as the fishing thread was used for all the joins and they are almost invisible, only the shining beads are flying around. It somehow creates a Baby’s-breath effect to me.

The steps are very simple. First, prepare some 6mm prism beads, 2mm round silver beads and silver seed beads.

Make three pieces of these using fishing thread and crimp beads.

Cut them into 1.5cm and 3cm, 2cm and 4cm, 2cm and 3cm. Put in the beads and end them with crimp beads.

Now assemble the three pieces and do the same for the next one.

You get your own baby’s-breath.

Flower Seashell Earrings

I wanted to try something different this time. I decided to use some seashells in flower shape, together with some artificial pearls and silver seed beads.

I was too lazy to make the design too complicated. So everything remained simple and easy. We shouldn’t use fishing thread this time. Normal sewing threads is good enough so that the earrings would be able to sway. Apply crimp beads at the two ends of each thread. Again, simple and easy, it would just take you a few minutes.

I was quite happy with this design, but unfortunately the quality of the silver seed beads is very lousy. Just a few tries, the silver color started fading and finally it become transparent and looked very dirty. T_T

I changed all the seed beads to 1.5mm Japanese round beads. Every bead is in the same size and highly reflective. 12 1.5mm beads were used in the shorter side and 18 the longer side. Now they look much better.

Nice Online Beading eBooks

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Monday, March 8, 2010

Black Star Mobile Phone Strap

This is my elegant black magic star!! ^_^

It was very lucky that I found this very detailed and step-by-step tutorial. Although it’s in Korean, you can easily understand and feel free to pause when you couldn’t catch up.

I didn’t use Swarovski crystal beads as it’s only a mobile phone strap and the differences between the general unbranded black crystal beads and Swarovski beards are not too much. So save your money.

I used 6mm beads and the finished work turns out quite big, around 50mm X 35mm (excluding the string). But it looks just nice as a phone strap.

There were some small issues. I used 0.25mm string for beading. It was very nice that it could easily go through the holes however it couldn’t hold the entire design firmly. I had to route one more time to tighten the work.

The step-by-step flash for this project:

Another similar flash for making a snowflake.